Escape into a Gilded world

Luxury has a new creed

Jawai Bandh is one such area which enables you to experience wildlife in a rare and unique setting, the lava rock formations of Jawai have crevices and caves which are home to solitary and stealth Indian leopard, and the water reservoir of Jawai Dam invites migratory birds and other natural diversity to thrive in the middle of the dessert, Jawai Bandh is a man-made oasis and home to a diverse variety of plants, animals, and birds. 

  • Fauna : Leopards, crocodiles, nilgai, hyena, jungle cat, Indian grey mongoose, sloth bear, owl, osprey, egret, pond heron, Indian robin, black-shouldered kite, parakeet, common sandpiper, house sparrow, sarus crane, large cuckoo shrike, pelicans, ruddy shelduck, greylag goose, pelicans, Asian openbill stork, common sandpiper, grey-headed canary flycatcher, Indian pond heron, black ibis, red throat-ed fly-catcher, and oriental magpie robin. (Bird watching – Jawai is an abode for migratory birds)

  • Flora :Various types of cacti, babool, Falsa a local berry kind, red date, neem, kikar, plash, khejri, Pashia