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Jawai Bandh is a dam built across the Jawai river, a tributary of Luni river, the dam is situated near the town of Sumerpur in Pali District. The dam was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur. Construction work at the Dam started on 12 May 1946 and completed in 1957. Jawai Bandh is the biggest dam in the western Rajasthan with a capacity of 7887.5 million cubic feet and an area of 414.05 sq. km. of cultivable command area, besides being a Winter paradise for migratory birds, it is the main water supply source for Pali district and if there is sufficient water in the dam, then some villages adjoining Paliand Jaloredistrict get water for irrigation from Jawai Dam. Jawai Dam also has a crocodile sanctuary for Indian Mugger crocodiles and migratory birds including sarus cranes and flamingo.