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Brij Jawai, Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan

Billion years of rock formation, has contributed to preserve the flora and fauna of this ‘Dam’ city. This small village named after the river Jawai, is becoming a exploration hot-spot with adventure seekers, families, friends across various age-group.

BrijJawai- our homage to this land of animal-human harmony combines its rustic, fearless, majestic persona to make your stay memorable while you explore wildlife, treks, temples and the Jawai Dam standing tall on the river.

Experience beauty and serenity away from your rushed city life as you look deep in Nature and ponder, Heaven is not always above our heads but can be within you.

Adding to its beauty are the silvery granite rocks and hills which surrounds the whole area. Jawai is also known for its sanctuaries for leopards, birds, and crocodiles. It is also called the winter paradise for migratory birds with more than 100 species frequenting every year. Jawai is also home to panthers, hyenas, chinkaras, nilgai, bears, and wolves. However, it is chiefly known for its human-friendly leopards.

Knowing Brij Jawai

The Aravalli hills provides the perfect backdrop to BrijJawai while Pola- one of largest silvery granite formed hollow rock welcomes you to this small adventure village, which is a zealous example of man-animal residing respecting each other in their naturally preserved habitat.

Large tents spreading across 2400 Square feet of area is a abode of modern amenities, contemporary designs while keeping the ethos of this wild city integral. Rooms are equipped with large sit-outs, king size beds, open to sky shower cubicles, single stone carved bathtub with mountain view, separate sitting, living areas giving you the perfect settings for comfort and luxury. Each sit-out area can be used for Spa, F&B service, personalized BBQ evenings or just relax, while you gaze at the brightest stars scattered all over the sky.

Look out for

Every Tent equipped with Telescopes – remember how with a telescope you could always find something to wish for!

Design Feature

Interiors of the rooms are done keeping in mind the local motifs, designs and material available around Jawai. Hand-woven carpets, daaris, prints, cane baskets produced by local artisans are all distinctive to Jawai. Kota stone floors controls temperatures while the fabrics used will regulate heat.


Soak in the pool as you breathe the freshest air with scenic mountains view. Indulge in our all-day dinning menu curated with local ingredients produced in the organic farms. Selection of fresh vegetables, fruits local herbs infused with aesthetic cooking techniques creating a flavorful Farm-to-Fork experience as the taste lingers on.

Joining hands with local RABARI tribe

Rabaris are the descendants of Lord Shiva, and has been staying in Jawai since the river became the main water source and cultivation. Initial descents were a family of 5 individuals and have grown to a local population of over 352 families now. While they can access many modern amenities and comforts of life, they choose to live in harmony with nature and worship water and the animals as the main source of life and harmony

From traditional welcome to escorting in our treks, guiding us through the natural habitat and giving us an insight to their culture and homes, BrijJawai engages local expertise to render these services as they are the best guardian of Jawai.

BrijJawai joins hands with the locals to create livelihood opportunities and keep this native cottage industry alive by using all local produces like baskets- used both in our tents, kitchens, service areas, pool and Spa. Locally handmade carpets, local fabrics for hotel staff uniforms, curtains and napkins using at dinning areas.

Rabaris also have great knowledge of the local flora and fauna which helps us cultivate our own farms. Climatic conditions are favorable for root vegetables, legumes and various kinds of millets

Explore Jawai

Leopards are undoubtedly the biggest attraction in this area. The most fascinating part is that they are very familiar with the locals and there hasn’t been a single incident of leopard attack in the villages nearby. The people have also reciprocated this behavior by keeping the habitat of big cats uninterrupted. It is a swashbuckling experience to watch them roam around freely.

Jawai gives you a great experience of bird-watching. Between the month of October and March, it becomes a temporary home shelter for migratory birds. You can see a great variety of birds including bar headed geese, sarus cranes, common eastern crane, knob-billed duck, demoiselle, spotbill duck, and flamingos.

Built across the Jawai river which is a tributary of Luni, the dam offers an exquisite view of the river. Its construction was started on 12 May 1946 and was finished in 1957. It is the biggest dam in western Rajasthan with the total area of 102,315 acres. Its height is 61.25 feet (18.67 meters) and the capacity is 7887.5 million cubic feet.

It a perfect site to watch the magnificent river and also wildlife around it. You can easily spot crocodiles and birds from the dam and the level of water makes the whole environment perfect for an outing.

Located halfway at one of the surrounding hills, Dev Giri temple is dedicated to the local goddess Ashapura Mata Ji. The locals believe that she protects the entire village from natural calamities. Surprisingly, humans are not the only visitors here, the temple is also visited by leopards and other wild animals in the area.

At the very first sight, the temple gives you goosebumps because it is located in the middle of rocks and you might even find some leopards or other animals roaming around. The tracks are made up of the same granite the entire temple is a monolith. It is a mesmerizing experience to witness the temple at such a height.

Brij Jawai Excursion

Explore the BrijJawai way as we provide excursions combined with life, nature as you are transported to a simple, healthy and harmonious way of Life.

Safari Breakfast

Wake-up to a early morning ride across the silvery mountain as we drive to nearest hill Pola. This plateau bring you face-to-face with the Sun as you relish your cuppa of storm and scrumptious breakfast spared to prep you for your day’s adventures ahead.

Local Cooking

Jawai has extremely similar climate like the rest of Rajasthan which is favorable to grow various different vegetation and produces huge amount of millets to be consumed within the state and outside. Indulge in local tastes with cooking methods using direct fire, natural fuel, locally grown herbs, and hand rolled variety of flat breads. The technique healthy, smell pure and taste which will linger a lifetime

Village Excursion

BrijJawai takes you to a lifetime to memory as Rabari tribe not only open their lands, hearts but also their homes to our guests. Experience the village way of simple living, as they take us through their farms, food cultures, cooking techniques, local artistry and expose us to real expression of “Padharo marey Desh- welcome to my homeland”, to complete strangers while they befriend the world.

Address: Jawai, Leopard Conservation Reserve, Kothar Village , Pali District, 306126 - Rajasthan