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Take Home a Bouquet of Memories

Memories warms us up from inside. There is never a dull moment when you are exploring heritage, culture and adventure. Brijhotels provides vivid experiences enabling you to paint your own memoryimage which lingers on forever. Be it our warm welcome, scent of spiritually, aromas of our local food speciality or serene sleep after an eventful day

The Brij Universe at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

A mélange of extraordinary services and experiences await every guest who comes to the Brijrama Palace.

Subah-E-Benaras Experience at Assi Ghat-a Place of Serenity
Subah-E-Benaras Experience at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

According to mythology, when Goddess Durga annihilated the demon Shumbha- Nishumbha, her sword struck the ground, resulting in the creation of a stream, now known as the river Assi.

Experience Varanasi with Brijrama
Local Experience at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

At Brijrama Palace, we make sure that you have an out-of-the-world experience. After years of renovation, the beautifully restored Brijrama Palace is known for its unique views of the ghats and cities.

Dinner Under the Starry Skies
Dinner Under the Starry Skies at Brijnest at BrijNest Jaipur

Enjoy dining with your loved ones beneath the starry skies of Jaipur. Enjoy a specially curated four-course meal and make your holiday a memorable one! 

Secret Kitchen
Secret Kitchen at BrijNest Jaipur

Don the chef's cap, and work wonders in the kitchen. This is an experience you would not forget! Don the chef's cap, and work wonders in the kitchen.

Animal Love
Animal Love at BrijNest Jaipur

Join our initiative to help stray animals, and give the four-legged furballs a new lease of life. Join our initiative to help stray animals, and give the four-legged furballs a new lease of life.

Feed some Geese at Brijnest Jaipur
Feed some Geese at Brijnest Jaipur at BrijNest Jaipur

Feed the geese at the picturesque locations near our hotel as your stay at Brijnest Jaipur. 

Gardening and Horticulture at Brijnest Jaipur
Gardening and Horticulture at Brijnest Jaipur at BrijNest Jaipur

Learn directly from our gardeners at Brijnest Jaipur, and enjoy while making the environment greener and prettier. Learn directly from our gardeners at Brijnest Jaipur

Hands on Farming and Polyhouse Tour
Hands on Farming and Polyhouse Tour at BrijNest Jaipur

Learn the route of your food from farm to table with an exclusive tour of the poly house with the chef, and some hands-on organic farming experience.

Tea Time at Brijnest Jaipur
Tea Time at Brijnest Jaipur at BrijNest Jaipur

A cup of tea, tête-à-tête, and more! It is more than just a cup of tea!

Make a Greener World (Plant a tree)
Make a Greener World (Plant a tree) at BrijNest Jaipur

Make the world a little more green with our plantation drive initiative. Join hands with us and help us in our efforts to make our earth a better place!

Lavish Breakfast at Brijnest
Lavish Breakfast at Brijnest at BrijNest Jaipur

Kickstart your day with a lavish breakfast spread curated to meet your taste and needs.  Choose from a wide variety of delicacies from our breakfast

Cozy Bonfire at BrijVilla Dalhousie

Revel in the beauty of stars and have a fun time as you sit around the cozy bonfire at Brijvilla, Dalhousie

Nature Walks
Nature Walk at BrijVilla Dalhousie

Be a part of the nature walks at Brijvilla, Dalhousie, and experience the raw beauty of Mother Nature.

Game of Chess at BrijVilla Dalhousie

Which better game can sharpen your brain skills than the age-old compelling chess? Indulge in this gripping game at Brijvilla.

Jawai Dam Reservoir
Jawai Dam Reservoir at BrijJawai Rajasthan

Jawai Bandh is a dam built across the Jawai river, a tributary of Luni river, the dam is situated near the town of Sumerpur in Pali District. The dam was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur. Construction work at the Dam started on 12 May 1946 and completed in 1957. Jawai Bandh is the biggest dam in the western Rajasthan with a capacity of 7887.5 million cubic feet and an area of 414.05 sq. km. of cultivable command area, besides being a Winter paradise for migratory birds, it is the main water supply source for Pali district and if there is sufficient water in the dam, then some villages adjoining Paliand Jaloredistrict get water for irrigation from Jawai Dam. Jawai Dam also has a crocodile sanctuary for Indian Mugger crocodiles and migratory birds including sarus cranes and flamingo. 

Natural Rock formations at Jawai Hills
Natural Rock formations at Jawai Hills at BrijJawai Rajasthan

Jawai Hills is a picturesque location surrounded by Jawai Bandh, grasslands, riverbed and grazing ground. The Hills of Jawai were shaped by lava billions of years ago and now the natural caves and rock shelters of Jawai Hills are home to leopards, sloth bears, Indian striped hyena. 

Sunrise and Sunset
Sunrise and Sunset at BrijJawai Rajasthan

At locations like Jawai, simple things like sunrise, sunset, dusk and dawn all look so dramatic, the vastness of the landscape fills your views, some of the key sunset and sunrise points are Liloda hill, Pola Hill (where BrijJawai is located), Sena, Sunsetting behind Jawai Bandh. 

Flora and Fauna
Flora and Fauna at BrijJawai Rajasthan

Jawai Bandh is one such area which enables you to experience wildlife in a rare and unique setting, the lava rock formations of Jawai have crevices and caves which are home to solitary and stealth Indian leopard, and the water reservoir of Jawai Dam invites migratory birds and other natural diversity to thrive in the middle of the dessert, Jawai Bandh is a man-made oasis and home to a diverse variety of plants, animals, and birds.   

Stargazing at BrijJawai Rajasthan

Minimal to no light and no air pollution in the Jawai Bandh area enables one to indulge in stargazing, simply lie down on a flat rock and appreciate the universe above and within, you may make use of the telescope placed in your villa.

Rabari Tribe
Rabari Tribe at BrijJawai Rajasthan

The local tribe Rabari, an indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders and shepherds that live throughout northwest India, primarily in the states of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan. The word "Rabari" translates as "outsiders", a fair description of their primary occupation and status within Indian society.

Our Hotels

Culturally we have been listening to stories all our lives and we pass these to generations to come. Knights, shinning amours, mythology, spiritual being are all part of this magical world. All our locations across the country provide “Escapades” designed to enflame discovery, connect with nature, spiritual find and greatness. Experiences designed to give a new thrilling dimension to our services across stay, food, tour and acceptance. Discover with Brij Hotels as every experience should be as unique as you are.

BrijRama Palace

Escapades by Brijrama, Varanasi

Located on the peaceful banks of the Darbhanga Ghat, Brijrama Palace is one of the oldest structures in Varanasi. Initially known as the Darbhanga Ghat, the awe-inspiring Brijrama hotel is known for its architecture and design that is directly influenced by the erstwhile ruling Maratha dynasty. The 208-year old palace is a perfect place to enjoy a regal holiday away from the chaos of the city. Overlooking the Ganges, Brijrama Palace is close to the popular Dashashwamedh Ghat


Escapades by Brijnest - An Extravagant Stay, Jaipur

Enter the world of possibilities at Brijnest Jaipur, our small boutique hotel comprising of elegantly furnished suites for a memorable stay in the Pink City - Jaipur. We provide our guests the opportunity to explore Jaipur at its best and to experience the unique flavours that the city has to offer. Stay at our plush suites and bring superior levels of comfort and convenience into your lives.


Escapades by BrijVilla, Dalhousie

Nestled on one of the highest peaks of Moti Tiba, above the circuit in the dense forest of Deodar trees. Our exceptionally elegant property is a true paradise for family travelers as well as honeymooners. Crafted with colonial architecture, our hotel located in Dalhousie will leave you spellbound.


Brij Jawai, Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan

BrijJawai- our homage to this land of animal-human harmony combines its rustic, fearless, majestic persona to make your stay memorable while you explore wildlife, treks, temples and the Jawai  Dam standing tall on the river.

Experience beauty and serenity away from your rushed city life as you look deep in Nature and ponder, Heaven is not always above our heads but can be within you.

Culinary Options

=Chota Angan
Chota Angan at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

Chota Angan – meaning small courtyard – is our multi-cuisine fusion restaurant that serves an astonishing variety of local, pan-Indian, and international delicacies. The architecture and décor is at once strikingly opulent with intricate glasswork across the restaurant. This traditional art known as Thikri, is done is blue and mirror glass enhancing the vivid lighting and subtle candlelight spilling into different colours.

Culinary Options

=Experiential Dining
Experiential Dining at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

The hotel delights in arranging exclusive destination dining experiences, which such as river boat dining, candlelit dinners, breakfast on boat and dinner on terrace accompanier with an exquisite selection of chef-specialty dishes or those chosen by our esteemed guests.

Culinary Options

Darbhanga– a multi cuisine vegetarian restaurant at BrijRama Palace Varanasi

The hotel is a delight for a gourmet. Enjoy refined cuisine and discreet, attentive service at the Darbhanga– a multi cuisine vegetarian restaurant offering the world famous cuisines. 

Culinary Options

=Library Café
Library Café at BrijNest Jaipur

Kickstart your day with a lavish breakfast spread curated to meet your taste and needs.  Choose from a wide variety of delicacies from our breakfast spread at Library Cafe in Brijnest, Jaipur. Enjoy traditional south Indian sweet and savoury treats and the company of books to pump up your mornings as you stay at our all suite hotel in Jaipur.

Culinary Options

=Cedar Multicuisine Restaurant At Briijvilla, Dalhousie
Cedar Multicuisine Restaurant at BrijVilla Dalhousie

Serving the lip-smacking delicacies from cuisines around the world, our Cedar Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offers a gastronomical adventure to your senses. Crafted with authentic flavours and hand-picked ingredients, our array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes will win your heart and gut. Our in-house restaurant in Dalhousie offers a cosy yet rapturous ambience, which brings you a whole new level of dining experience coupled with a splendid view of distant mountain ranges.

Culinary Options

=Culinary experiences
Culinary experiences at BrijJawai Rajasthan

Our Culinary experience is founded on tradition, sometimes on history on habits that come out of a time when kitchens were fuelled by wood. The experiences from location, setting, menu down to the details is based on your preferences and likings. Some of the Chef’s special local delicacies are borrowed from the local traditional cuisine are Bajre nu khichdi, Rajasthanikadi as cooked in the villages, DaalBaatiChurma, HaldikiSabjji (raw turmeric cooked in a curry), Lal Maas (a famous regional Non-Veg. delicacy).

Memories that you’d like to keep

This is how our guests see us. We’d love to see ourselves through your eyes at #Brijhotels. Share your stories with us.